terms and conditions

YC17 is the first incarnation of Yorkshire Coast Music Festival, a new indie festival on the Yorkshire Coast. The primary focus is on the music, but a strong second is security and safety of our guests.

Adult tickets are available for anyone over the age of 18, you will be required to prove your age at registration, and will only then be issued with a distinctive wrist band, allowing you free access to the festival site and campsite, you will only be served at festival bars after showing this wristband, you will only be permitted to bring alcohol onto the campsite, or otherwise consume alcohol on any festival premises if you are wearing this wristband.

We have a special ticket category for Young Adults aged 16 or 17, who will be issued with a distinctive wristband, and will not be served alcohol, nor will they be allowed to bring alcohol into the campsite, or otherwise consume alcohol on any festival premises.

Tickets for Children under the age of 16 are FREE, however these tickets will only be validated at registration if the child is accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, this relationship must be proven at registration by valid documents e.g. passports.

Please do not purchase tickets unless you have understood and accepted these conditions.

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